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The Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition

Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition - vacuum tube compressor / pre-amplifier

Drawmer UK and Mercenary Audio continue to answer the demands of the discriminating engineer with their latest entry, the 1968 “Mercenary Edition”.

Based on the exceptional compressor design found in the Drawmer 1969 “M-E” Mic Pre/DI/Compressor, the 1968 “M-E” features improved metering and function with the incorporation of separate “big” switches for each channel, making it ideal for use in both tracking and stereo compression applications.

The 1968 Mercenary Edition's gain reduction cell is the same FET compressor with variable tube output stages as the 1969 “M-E”, giving it a rich euphonic tone with the speed and musical grace made famous by the 1969 Mercenary Edition.

The Big switch feature on each channel provides the user front panel control to easily remove the low frequency component of the program material from control of the gain reduction cell, effectively boosting the bass output. A patchable side chain is available in conjunction to the “Big” switch offering the user complete flexibility frequency dependent ducking. The 1968 “M-E” also features 'side chain listen' capability granting the user the ability to perform precise and specific side chain control.

The metering on the 1968 has also been expanded to meet the demands of modern tracking and 2 buss requirements. The VU meter can display either gain reduction or output levels while a sophisticated LED warning system has been implemented to warn the user as they approach the maximum operating level.

The 1968 “M-E”, is a unit that was designed to be capable of being driven hard, which is the reason for the “+10” meter re-scaling switch, yet one need not be a maniac to enjoy the musical qualities of what we think you will find to be one of the most musical compressors you can add to your arsenal of tools.


Input Impedances
Line 20KΩ

Maximum Input Level +20dBu
Output Impedance 50Ω
Maximum Output Level +22dB (balanced)
Bandwidth <10Hz to 22KHz -1dB

Unity Gain Noise
Bypass -95dB
Line -85dB

Distortion @ 1KHz
Line Input with Bypass selected, <0.1%
Line Input with Normal Selected, <0.35%

Attack Times
1 2 ms
2 8 msec
3 15 msec
4 25 msec
5 30 msec
6 50 msec

Release Times
1 100ms (Fixed)
2 500ms (Fixed)
3 1 second (Fixed)
4 200ms to 2 seconds semi-automatic/signal dependent
5 500ms to 5 seconds semi-automatic/signal dependent
6 Automatic 1 second to 10 seconds signal dependent

Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition - vacuum tube compressor / pre-amplifier

Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition
Drawmer 1968 Brochure
Adobe .pdf

Drawmer 1968 Operator's Manuel Adobe .pdf

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