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Crowley and Tripp - el Diablo Mercenary Edition
The Mercenary Edition
"el Diablo"

Crowley & Tripp Ribbon Microphone

Sometime in 2004 we met these guys who were coming out with a new ribbon mic. “Whoop-dee-do” was our initial reaction. Then they sent a couple down… and “whoa” was our next reaction!

Those mics were the Proscenium and Studio Vocalist.
The Proscenium held court with my finest RCA’s and the Studio Vocalist sounded more like a condenser mic than a ribbon…
but still had that ribbon “smoothness” and “glide” that I love.

A while later, as the relationship went on, Hugh Tripp joined us for dinner on the night we were starting basics with a new artist. A bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac later Hugh mentioned a new material with which they had been experimenting… he mentioned that it would take sick amounts of level and return to it’s original shape. I mentioned I’d love to have a ribbon mic that would work in a kik drum…
Hugh slurred that it would be possible.

Fast forward to the fall of 2007, where after a year plus of development the “El Diablo ”has finally been unveiled. Now we were originally looking for a ribbon kik drum mic…which we got… but El Diablo is capable of so much more it should really never be pigeon holed for our original intentions!!

We have used this mic with great results on Bass
[both standup as well as mic’ing an amp], loud electric guitars, acoustic guitars and even vocals. While I wouldn’t say this is the only mic you’ll ever need or want…
it is one versatile son of a bitch that makes no apologies in any application.


The Mercenary Edition “el Diablo™” is an entirely new type of microphone with smooth ribbon sound, high output, and unequalled sound pressure level handling. This microphone employs Roswellite™ which is a new class of advanced materials called Supermatter™.

Supermatter™ is engineered with nano-scaled structures that provide incredible strength and durability, far greater than all of the old foil materials that have been used (and cursed at) for decades. It retains a memory for it’s original shape which makes it ideal for high SPL applications.

El Diablo is the first ribbon microphone to go where no ribbon mic has been before: inside pounding kick drums and blaring horns, pushed up against cranked guitar amplifier speakers, and on loud singers on an open, outdoor stage. Roswellite™ revolutionizes the field of ribbon mics, does away with the worries forever, and has that Crowley and Tripp ribbon mic tone, so it can be used throughout your studio, and for live sound, indoors or out.


  • Extreme SPLs and Shape Memory - ideal for kick drum and rugged live applications, yet sensitive and capable on soft sounds, vocals, and instruments.
  • Smooth Ribbon Tone – Ribbon microphones have the smoothest sound and lowest distortion of all the major microphone types. Ribbon mics are gaining in popularity for a reason!
  • Symmetric Frequency Response – precise figure-eight acoustic design minimizes off-axis coloration and maximizes the sweet spot
  • Made in USA of USA parts – All Crowley and Tripp Microphones are designed, built and tested in Ashland, MA by people dedicated to the art and science of sound.
  • Crowley and Tripp High Output/Low Noise Acoustic Design – custom wound,
    full-size transformer and aggressive shielding for output hotter than a stage dynamic.
  • Patented Design

Note: In the US this product is subject no haggle pricing!

Visit your favorite Crowley and Tripp dealer for more details!!!

el Diablo
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