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The Great River MEQ-1NV Mercenary Edition

Great River EQ-2NV Mercenary Edition  -  Click for a Larger View

Better together! This combo includes (1) ME1-NV and (1) EQ1-NV all racked and ready to go.

The Great River MEQ-1NV is an exceptionally versatile package as you can use the pre or the EQ independently... or when used to together you get the option of 3 different outputs when tracking [the transformer balanced based output or the unbalanced output of the ME-1NV or the transformerless balanced [with +32 headroom!!!] output of the equalizer. You can also get many different tones from the mic pre using a combination of gain scaling and adding units to the insert point before or after the EQ-1NV. On line level signal you can run into the mic pre, again having the availability of gain scaling options as well as the sound of the "iron" [transformers] in the path, or go straight into the EQ with 6 different input level options so you can run the EQ as clean or dirty as you desire.

Great River EQ1-NV Mercenary Edition Single Channel EQ

The EQ-1NV equalizer is loosely based on the topology of vintage 1081/1083 models. The newly designed class A, discrete single ended amplifiers in the EQ-NV Series bring greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality and control of the 108x models. The line input is a transformer coupled bridging type, with sensitivity options ranging from elevated line level (+8dbm) down to keyboard and semi-pro levels(-20dbm).

NV Series Preamplifiers -- Standalone
The equalizer is specifically designed to work with the NV series microphone preamplifiers' patch loop, for significantly greater headroom at one end, a lower overall noise floor, and overall greater musicality. When connected via the EQ-1NV's patchpoint, the microphone and DI inputs are fully functional, as well as the level control, metering and "big iron" of the ME1-NV's output amplifier. The equalizer also has a dis-crete class A balanced output stage, which allows it to function as a complete stand-alone device. It is available in single or dual channel models.

Features Discrete, Class A design
  • Internal low-noise power supply
  • Balanced line in, balanced line out
  • NV Series microphone preamplifier patch connection
  • Wide range of input sensitivity
  • 4 bands independently enabled with +/-15db boost/cut
  • 3rd order high pass filter
  • Hi and low bands selectable between peaking and shelving
  • Hi-mid and low-mid bands each have 3 selectable Q positions
  • Hardwire bypass of equalizer section
  • 110 or 220 volt operation

    Great River ME1-NV Mercenary Edition Single Channel Mic Pre

    The ME1-NV has identical audio components as the MP-2NV.
    Not similar, exactly the same.

  • Audio and meter boards interchangeable with MP-2NV components.
  • Internal power supply, externally switchable to 110/220.
  • Rack mount kits available soon.
  • 18ga cold rolled steel chassis. 3/16" milled aluminum face plate.
  • Powder coated metal parts.

    Power supply is downsized to fit and not cause noise problems, yet still more than adequately power one channel.

    Based on the preamps found in old Neve™ 1073 modules, Great River added a twist. While the circuit is basically the same, different components were chosen for a lower noise floor, an extended frequency response and better bass clarity. While the unit sounds similar to a 1073, the user experiences a larger, more open sound field which is especially helpful if you are storing your audio in the digital domain..

    Working with Dan Kennedy at Great River, and the folks at Sowter transformers, we came up with a special, custom transformer specifically for the Great River MP-1NV & MP-2NV "Mercenary Editions". The idea was to build a transformer that would have all the "size" and "thunder" that you would find in the pre-amp of an original Neve™ 1073, but without the 'haze' and 'mush' that can accumulate when you run a whole bunch of tracks through a 1073.

    Contact your local dealer for more details.

    MEQ-1NV User Guide Adobe .pdf

    MEQ-1NV Brochure Adobe .pdf

    Want one? Find your local dealer here.


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