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What’s a Mercenary Edition?

The goal we’re trying to attain with Mercenary Edition hardware is maximum flexibility and usability, the ability to achieve a wide variety of tones and textures from one piece of very high-quality equipment while keeping it relatively cost effective [without cutting corners], while using a few rack spaces as humanly possible.

Mercenary Audio was a brokerage for vintage audio equipment when it started in 1989. From there Mercenary Audio became one of the larger vintage equipment dealerships and repair facilities in the world, and from there started its own manufacturing wing [Mercenary Iron Works], which damn near killed us… so we went back to doing what we do best, which was providing the finest professional audio hardware available for a discriminating clientele.

Due to our experience with vintage equipment, custom work, modification, national and international distribution combined with the relationships that have been previously established with many of the world's respected audio designers, the next logical step was to put the Mercenary stamp on equipment that would one day become "vintage". These units are called “Mercenary Editions”.

'Mercenary Edition' means the quality and reputation we've built since 1989 for nothing but the best is in every one of these boxes. No corners cut, no punches pulled. These pieces are made for us to be used by us. We feel they will enhance any studio that adds a Mercenary Edition piece to it’s arsenal of tools.

By the way, Mercenary Audio does not get a royalty on any Mercenary Edition equipment. The only way Mercenary Audio profits from Mercenary Editions are when a unit is purchased from Mercenary Audio. When you get a Mercenary Edition from your dealer of choice, Mercenary Audio doesn't see a dime… which is fine with us. We have the hardware we want to use on our own sessions… how many people can get gear custom made to their preferences? Not a whole lot, so that’s what we take from Mercenary Editions in terms of compensation.

What's a M.E.?
Drawmer 1968 M.E.
Drawmer 1969 M.E.
Funk Logic '69 Merc.
Great River EQ-1NV
Great River EQ-2NV
Great River ME-1NV
Great River MP-2NV
Little Labs STD M.E.
Pendulum Audio Quartet II M.E.