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The FUNK LOGIC '69 Merc.  

Great River ME-1NV Mercenary Edition  -  Click for a Larger View

A Single Space Rack Tray for up to 2 FMR RNC 1773's

  • Black Anodized Aluminum Front Panel
  • Bronze Dust Silk Screened Front Text
  • Zinc Plated RNC Mounting Tray (pre-assembled)
  • "Super Nice" / "Bypass" Button Extensions
  • Mounting Bolts

Units mount in seconds!

    1. Pull off knobs
    2. Insert button extension
    3. Slide in the RNC
    4. Screw in the bottom bolt
    5. Push back on the knobs...

That's it!

Cool little Button Extensions allow full on/off control for "Super Nice" and "Bypass" modes.

Counter-sunk holes allow excellent "off-center" viewing of the LED's

Controls have been re-named in honor of the dearly departed Chevy and Chevy II trays of days gone by...

"Acceleration" = Threshold
"Compression" = Ratio
"Speed" = Attack
"Brakes" = Release
"Exhaust" = Gain

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